Dynamic EVC

Dynamic EVC’s headquarters is located in Springfield, MO.

We are a division of L&B Services, a well established electric infrastructure company. Since 2018, we have been installing level 2 & 3 electric vehicle charging stations in the Midwest. Our staff includes electrical engineers, master electricians, journeyman electricians, along with 56 construction workers.

We are city utilities of Springfield MO largest contractor having performed their underground electric infrastructure contract for 8 years.

Our company is known for directional boring. We have a fleet of 9 directional drills and 22 excavators.  We own equipment for concrete construction, coring, drilling, rock cutting, rock sawing, and any other equipment for underground utility construction. At Dynamic EVC we do not need or use any outside contracting; we take care of everything in house.

All of our employees are drug tested and have passed background checks. We are Avetta safety certified.

We are good at what we do.  

Here are the things that give us a competitive advantage and items that differentiate us from others. 

  • We give competitive bids.
  • What separates us is quality of work, safety of employees and the general public, processes, programs, flexibility, responsiveness, effectiveness, & capabilities.
  • There are very few companies who have complete turnkey capabilities including interior and exterior electric service and infrastructure, network & communications, project management, design, installation, and all facets of construction. 
  • We are a complete, in-house turnkey EV charging installer. No subcontractors.
  • We have Master Electrician & Journeyman Electricians on staff. 
  • We are certified to install solar, back-up generators, and batteries.
  • We have the ability to locate existing underground infrastructure to keep it safe and undisturbed. 
  • We bring together the planning, design, engineering, installation, networking, non-invasive construction, servicing, & warranty.
  • We have knowledge of electric providers and co-ops.
  • We can easily acquire electrical licenses and contractor licenses in new locations as needed. 
  • We are able to install in a variety of locations without disturbing existing infrastructure, in a non-invasive way, through directional boring. 
  • We have a fleet of boring machines, excavators, rock saws, rock drills, and qualified construction crews.
  • We have systems in place to ensure consistent performance from our employees.
  • We have superior customer service that offers support and communication.
  • We are trustworthy and dependable.
  • We have well-trained employees who follow basic steps to listen to customer problems, work toward a satisfactory resolution, and follow up to ensure the customer is happy with the outcome.
  • We partner with companies and establish a competitive advantage by giving reasonable costing by way of a philosophy and meeting expectations of reasonable pricing.  We keep our customers happy by way of value of the service provided to them.
  • By way of multiple supply partners we are able to give the best prices to our customers.

Our Charging Brands

ABB Charging
Blink Charging
Tritium Charging
Tellus Power Green Charging