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Charging your EV at home couldn’t be easier with Dynamic EVC. Our smart home chargers are the perfect solution for your in-home charging needs. On average, charging an EV at home is about 3 times cheaper per mile than the cost of fueling a gas-powered car.


Whether you are looking to add an employee perk to your company or to generate additional income, Dynamic EVC is your turnkey solution. Our highly trained & certified installers & designers will create an EV charging solution that works best for your company. 

Have power when you need it most with a home backup generator. Dynamic EVC is your Generac Certified Installer. As experts in home standby power, we will install your Backup Generator system quickly, professionally, and cost effectively.


At Dynamic EVC, we are the experts for your Commercial Electrical Installation. Whether your business houses a corporation or a factory floor, keep it running smoothly by making sure electrical requirements are safely installed.

The advantages of partnering with Dynamic EVC

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    The team at Dynamic EVC has worked with public and private property owners throughout the region planning and installing utility infrastructure of all kinds. We understand the evolving electric vehicle charging industry, power grid needs and the best and most efficient ways to meet your needs today and for the future.
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    Several EV charging companies are available nationwide, but even those who promise "turnkey services" do not have a local installation and service team who knows the terrain like we do. You'll have direct access to our team before, during and after installation. Our service and maintenance program is in-house, close by, ready and able to respond quickly when you need us.
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    Dynamic EVC can provide any level charger and equipment from any of the major manufacturers. Exteriors can carry the supplier's brand or be customized for your organization. Networked chargers help manage power consumption and integrated meters can provide for self-pay options and a new revenue stream to your business or organization.
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    Dynamic EVC supports your electrification plans from start to finish. We'll help you determine your initial needs, assure adequate infrastrure for the future, and work with your power company to assure an adequate and economical power supply. We can help with outside funding, incentive and grant opportunities too. Tech support, equipment maintenance and more, is just a call away.

Our Charging Brands

Zerova Charging
Volta Charging
Tritium Charging
Tellus Power Green Charging
Qmerit Certified Partner
Qmerit Certified Installer
Our mission:

To make dynamic, sustainable, energy solutions available in our community.