We Specialize in Residential and Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station installations

A complete Line of Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging

Dynamic EVC is your complete end-to-end EV charging company.
From start to finish, our local & qualified in-house crew specializes in making the process, from engineering to installation and beyond, easy and worry-free. Our designers, engineers, & master electricians will create an EV charging solution that works best for your company.

We install all levels of EV chargers, from an in-home installation to full commercial charging parks.
We strive to be your area’s BEST EV charging stations service company and intend on shattering any ideas you may have as to what a professional service company is.

DC Fast Charge
1-Phase AC
208V or 240V
1-Phase AC
208V or 480V
3-Phase AC
AMPS 12-16 Amps 12-80 Amps (Typ. 32) <125 Amps (Typ. 60)
CHARGING LOADS 1.4 -1.9 KW 2.5-19.2 KW (Typ. 7KW) <90 KW (Typ. 50)
CHARGING TIME 3-5 miles of
range per hour
10-20 miles of
range per hour
80% charge
in 20-30 minutes
PRICE PER MILE 2-6 cents per mile 2-6 cents per mile 12-25 cents per mile
ABB Charging
Blink Charging
Tritium Charging
Tellus Power Green Charging